Tuesday, November 4, 2008

"You Choose" 2008 Dinner Election Results

The results are in! After our nomination convention at FHE last night, the kids were excited to cast their votes this morning at breakfast (so much so that the polls had to open at 6:30 AM- notice Ben's "I voted early" sticker). Ben made sure that everyone wore red, white and blue and had a sticker to proudly show.
The results (and our dinner menu for tonight) are the following:
Main Course: Pizza (easily winning 100% of the votes over PB & J, PB & Honey and PB & chocolate)
Veggie: Celery with Peanut Butter (winning 80% of the votes over carrots and corn on the cob)
Fruit: Bananas (eeking out 60% of the votes over strawberries and beloved marachino cherries)
Drink: Smoothie (sweeping with 100% of votes over almond milk)
Dessert: Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich (winning 60% of the votes in this hottly contested race over ice cream and banana splits)

Whatever the results of the US election tonight may we all be respectful of the offices and grateful for the opportunity to have our voices be heard. HAPPY ELECTION DAY!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Treats! Treats! Treats!

Happy Halloween!
Ella was initiated into the hallowed tradition of Trick or Treating this year by Ben and Kate! Just like her siblings she was a quick study- say "Trick or Treat," take candy, say "Thank you" and look really cute. The entire day was so fun with class parties, spooky suppers and crafts galore. More pictures to come...

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Kindergarten and preschool- major milestones! Both kids had adorable graduation programs that made me both proud and weepy all at the same time. I don't do so well with things like this because they are stark reminders that my children are growing up and moving closer to the time when their lives will take them away from me (birthdays also conjure this weird feeling where I bawl the night before and then revel in the excitement of the most anticipated day of my child's year). Days like these, though, are also good times to stop and realize how good my life is and how much joy these children bring me everyday. It doesn't last forever so every moment needs to be treasured!

Princess Kate turns 4!

Kate Elizabeth Killebrew turned 4 the end of May in royal fashion! She and her 4 favorite friends, Zoey, Savanah, Molly and Peighton dressed up and had "tea" with Belle at the Garden Angel Tea Room and later we ate her "Sugar Castle" cake with our family. Her favorite present was a silky Sleeping Beauty pillow and she has dressed up in her pink princess dress every day since. She loved every second of it!

Monday, July 14, 2008


Sweet little Ella (more affectionately known as "Ella Bella Claire Bear" in our home) is a constant source of joy! She is by far the most easy going and has stayed my baby for so long (although she is just shy of 18 months she can still pass for 9 months)! She is very fond of her brother and he is the one who can usually calm her down in the rare event that she get upset. She also loves to copy her sister (for better or worse) and wants to do everything Kate does including balancing on high heals and covering her head with hair bows. Her first word was her version of her name "L'Ella" which was soon followed by "Dada" which meant both Daddy and Doggie (much to Chad disappointment). On Mother's Day she surprised me by pointing to me and saying "Mama"!
Her latest trick is nodding "no" to everything while having a mischievous look in her eye- I wonder where she learned that?

Saturday, May 10, 2008

My Boys

These boys have to stick together (along with Scully, the fish) with all the girls in the house ("even my dogs are girls" says Ben). They are camping together this weekend at our church's Father and Sons Camp Out- a much anticipated annual event near Flagstaff. They won't look (or smell) this good when they come home but they will be happy and overflowing with stories of dangerous feats and wild adventures- what being a boy is all about!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Bathing Beauties & Bubbles!

I just love little girl play dates! Kate and her friends Zoey and Peyton were determined to make a swimming pool! They tried filling the cooler, the baby bathtub and finally the sand trap but nothing seemed to give them the effect they were looking for. Tired, flushed and frustrated, the girls were running out of ideas when suddenly Peyton said, "Hey guys, why don't we just blow some bubbles?" Immediately all thoughts of swimming were abandoned and they were transported to a magical mermaid bubble land!
So next time you're at your wits end, take Peyton's advise- you never know where the bubbles will take you!