Tuesday, November 4, 2008

"You Choose" 2008 Dinner Election Results

The results are in! After our nomination convention at FHE last night, the kids were excited to cast their votes this morning at breakfast (so much so that the polls had to open at 6:30 AM- notice Ben's "I voted early" sticker). Ben made sure that everyone wore red, white and blue and had a sticker to proudly show.
The results (and our dinner menu for tonight) are the following:
Main Course: Pizza (easily winning 100% of the votes over PB & J, PB & Honey and PB & chocolate)
Veggie: Celery with Peanut Butter (winning 80% of the votes over carrots and corn on the cob)
Fruit: Bananas (eeking out 60% of the votes over strawberries and beloved marachino cherries)
Drink: Smoothie (sweeping with 100% of votes over almond milk)
Dessert: Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich (winning 60% of the votes in this hottly contested race over ice cream and banana splits)

Whatever the results of the US election tonight may we all be respectful of the offices and grateful for the opportunity to have our voices be heard. HAPPY ELECTION DAY!


Sally said...

I love it! So so cute. Ben looks particularly proud to have had his say in the election. Cute stuff. You are so amazing.

The Hiatt's said...

I just love you Mary! What an adorable idea. The kids look so proud of themselves. Maybe if I did that my kids would actually eat food.

Anonymous said...

I knew I could count on you to have your own election at home! You are so politically savvy, Mary! Cute kiddos, as always!


Zoo Keeper said...

So fun! And check it out you actually posted something! I had stopped checking! So now it is Christmas and I am barly seeing your election post! Sad sad sad!!

Buchanans said...

Hey Mary...found you through Brooke great to see your darling family! Glad to see all is well with you guys!!

Rachel Baird Buchanan

Lincoln said...

Hey's your old Newsbreak co-anchor Lincoln.

It looks like you're doing well. I'm in Boise working as a news anchor...3.5 years into this business.

Drop me a line when you


hot garlic said...

Do you check this blog? It's been since November since you posted, I'm not really feeling like this is the most reliable route to respond to your ever-so-sweet and generous comment on my blog! Thanks so much for your nice words.

It is such a fun hobby and has really enriched my life so thanks for appreciating it, it's comments like those that make all of the work worth it!

Thanks again Mary!